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Friday, 26 December 2014

Birthday Wishes in 2014

Actually in this day I already passed a year of my Life. Again. Now I'm turning 21th yo. But, I'm feeling misserable, Hahaha because I couldn't pray together with my Mom and Dad. also celebrate with my beloved besties. It's been 4 times I celebrate and pray on my birthday only by myself. I couldn't post all birthday wishes that I had. I got Only from my close friends. here they are.

From : My Company ARM

From : Amik

From : Veve

From : Mega

From : Kakak Della 

From : kakak Lebee aka widia

From : Yollanda
From : Kak Imskey aka Imas

From : Kakak Chenai

Now, I lose my one year to Live in this Life. I don't know when this age would be stop. Something that I would do just trying more hard to have a good Health, being the Good person to each others, not in hurry to getting married, trying to finished my college. I just want to be a better person from my last year. Because tomorrow would be the new year, I want to make a plan for my journey in 2015. Bismillah. now my story in 21th years old would began. From today. Thankyouuu all friends, brothers and sisters around me.

With Love,


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