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Apa yang saya tulis semuanya berasal dari hati dan pikiran.
Apa yang saya tulis tidaklah selalu 'saya' dan apa yang anda baca tidaklah selalu 'anda' :)

Monday, 19 November 2012

my colorfull days

Good Night bloggers, how are you in this Sunday? hope your day will be awesome :)

tonight, I just want to share what I think about. (this is about my boyfriend, but we still friends, doesn't have relathionship *whispers*) lol. In this week, he always make my days colorfull, this is the first week I believe that he just for me, but someday I'm feel bad when he answer my chat to late, so I just think maybe he's busy or he should do something important, or maybe he need some refreshment, (chat with me made him bore *maybe*) T__T

but, my bad feel doesn't stay long in my heart. after I know what he's doing I'm feel okay. I just want to tell you when I'm feel bad, if you doesn't answer my chat, I'm feel worries about you. hope you would be understand, I'm not disturb you with my worries, it's just some careles.

sometimes you make me feeling worries, I just still like you. I don't know why it happen, but till now, I just waiting the time to go home, (Bali) I want to meet you, I want to see your eyes, is there me in your eyes? or you have another one? oh another girl maybe, but I hope not.

I want to spend my bit time with you. because I miss you much. I want to kiss you, hugs you very tight, altough we have a distance in this country, but I still thinking of you, no days I stop for tought you. so I hope you would be love me.

when I tought of you, I could think about forever. not a moment.
I want you, I don't want another guy. just you? is just enough to me.

would you please to take me as your bridge? would you please to give your Life to me? would you please to hold my hands forever? would you?


Thursday, 15 November 2012

Yolla's Day ^_^

For Yolla ^_^

Happy Birthday Yolla ^_^

buahahahaha itu lilin dari korek :D

Yolla & her smile :)

Kak Farah & Yolla

Oki & Yolla

Yolla & Teh Selly

Yolla & me

"Yollanda Latifah Huriyah"

Long Life
Always Happy
More Beautiful
More Rich
Keep your FAITH

We Love You ^_^

From : team CGKLWGA