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Monday, 29 December 2014

Cause Everything has Changed

When you decide to Live in this Life, you already know that yourself would be change. In this Earth there is nothing to be immortal, except "change". Everything would be changed, in time if we still rotate by the gravitation. The day you were born in this Life, would be very different with 5 years in the future or 20 years in the future, or maybe 50 years in the future or maybe in the day you'll die. Nothing in this world we could exactly expect. Life, Relationship, Die or Fortune. I know we make it,  all of that, But when you believe that God is exist, you'll now. How hard you are trying to make everything be good, chaos always came to our Life,without except. And now, how we prepare ourself to not give up when chaos is coming? How?

When everything change one by one, what should I do? except, just accept everything new in my Life. accept all changes. Of course it's hard. To leave the old things and try to be friends with the new one. Do you ever felt it? I ever imagine to Love something, and be with it untill I passed away, but sometimes when that things gone first, we couldn't control ourself. we being slumped, distress, gloomy and depression. In this life that things called by our darkness. As we now that we couldn't being happy forever. Even we are the Beautiful human in this world, the Rich human in this Earth or the Perfect human in this whole Life, we can not be seperated with that Darkness. Trying ever hard, to not give up and wake up from this Nightmare. All we can do, all that I can do just let everything changed itself. Not hold everything in my hand always being what I want. I ever trying to hold it, because I just don't want to let it go. But, they are gone. But I try to get the positive thinkin', when everything goes gone from you. That was the Good time to say Goodbye. Some from them would be back, but some from them would be happy in the new hand, so it wouldn't go back to you.

Because life is rotating just like the Earth, and Love doesn't need the Gravitation to be loved. That's why I would loving somebody without make him relize.

Keep Loving,

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